Lay Minister


Our 2016 Book of Discipline tells us that a Certified Lay Minister is a part of ministry under the supervision and support of a clergy person. Through this program you will become better prepared to:

  • Conduct public worship
  • Care for the Congregation
  • Develop new faith communities
  • Preach the Word
  • Lead small groups
  • Establish outreach ministries
  • Serve as a class leader
  • Assist in program leadership
  • Engage in specialized ministries after appropriate training such as Children’s Director, etc.

A certified lay minister is assigned by a district superintendent in accordance with ¶419.2. (2016 Book of Discipline, ¶268.1)

Pre-requisites for entering the CLM program:

Must by a Certified Lay Servant by completing the Basic Lay Servant course plus at least 1 Advanced approved course in the last 3 years.

CLM process:

  1. Talk to your Pastor about this desire.
  2. Fill out application and get recommendation signatures from the pastor and the church council or charge conference of the local church in which you hold membership. (Part 2 of application)
  3. Attend all classes in the 4-module track of study for Certified Lay Ministers. (2 absences are accepted). Materials will be supplied by district.
  4. Obtain District Superintendent’s recommendation.
  5. Obtain Background Check through Holston Conference.
  6. Be interviewed by District Committee on Ordained Ministries and obtain their recommendation signature.
  7. A covenant is written with you Mutual Ministry Team and Supervising Clergy, sent to your Church Council for approval and signatures. This is presented to the District Superintendent for final recommendation in your assigned area.
  8. Your application will then be submitted to Holston Conference for final certification at which time a Certificate will be presented to you.

Click here to download the 2017 Certified Lay Minister Charge Conference form