Lay Servant


A Certified Lay Servant serves the local church or charge and beyond in ways in which their witness,leadership, and service inspires others to a deeper commitment to Christ and more effective discipleship.

Through this program you will become better prepared to:

  • Provide leadership, assistance & support to program emphases.
  • Lead meetings for prayer, training, study and discussion when requested by Pastor, District Superintendent or Committee on Lay Servant Ministries.
  • Conduct or assist in worship or preaching when requested by Pastor.
  • Work with committees and teams that provide congregational and community leadership or caring ministries.
  • Assist with distribution of the elements of Holy Communion upon request of Pastor.
  • Teach the Scriptures, doctrine, organization and ministries of the UMC.


  1. Obtain recommendation from Pastor and Church Council or Charge Conference of the church in which you are a member.
  2. Complete the “Introduction to Lay Ministries: The Basic Course.”
  3. Complete 1 advanced Lay Servant Ministries course.
  4. Apply to and have qualifications reviewed by the district committee on lay servant ministries.
  5. To keep certification, you must take an approved advance class every 3 years.

Click here to get the 2017 Charge Conference form for Lay Servants.